7 Tips to Generate Organic and Paid Leads on TikTok

7 Tips to Generate Organic and Paid Leads on TikTok post thumbnail image

TikTok is one of the rapidly growing and most popular social media platforms, which has almost a billion monthly users. So irrespective of who you are trying to sell your brand to, Gen Z or Millenials, TikTok is the exact place to search for leads.
The platform tops the charts for being one of the most downloaded apps, followed by Facebook and Instagram. So if you lack a proper lead generation strategy on TikTok means you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.
With a proper TikTok lead generation strategy, you can generate more revenue for your business. Along with that, you can start to buy tiktok likes to boost your content’s visibility globally. If you do so, your brand will stand out from your competitors.
Are you already generating leads on Google and Facebook and looking for additional ways to generate even more leads? TikTok is the ideal platform to start your journey. In this below post, let’s discuss 7 tips to generate organic and paid leads on TikTok:

Tips to Generate Organic Leads

1. Research

Researching your target niche, audience, and relevant trends may help you create a long-term TikTok content strategy for your brand. Creating an accurate audience persona is important for generating quality TikTok leads. So start by looking for your niche influencers who are creating popular videos. Understand what types of videos are trending so that you can plan to create similar videos with your own twists.

2. Create Engaging Videos

You just need proper content ideas with a smartphone to record your content. It doesn’t mean that you should create nonstop videos to promote your products and services. Because it rarely attracts long-term audiences. Additionally, try out Trollishly to boost your marketing efforts. So that your brand will receive more engagement rate on TikTok.

Content that is creative, informative, and solves people’s queries gets more attention on the TikTok platform. For instance, let’s say you are a fashion brand, your videos should be focused on authentic fashion advice, and it will likely attract more audiences.

3. Post Frequently

One of the interesting things about the TikTok platform is that you don’t need an expensive video camera or editing tools to create and share videos. You just need your smartphone with a camera. Although to get noticed on TikTok, you need to publish videos frequently.
Targeting a specific audience group is important for organic lead generation on TikTok. Also, adding relevant hashtags will boost your engagement further. Do not forget to add links in your bio and CTAs in some of your videos. They are essential to make sure you provide the right way for your audiences to express their interests.

Tips to Generate Paid Leads

1. Create a New Campaign

Log into TikTok Ads Manager, then click the Campaign option and choose Create. It will redirect you automatically to a new window with two options. They are Custom Mode and Simplified Mode. Now choose Custom Mode.

5. Choose Your Advertising Objective

TikTok ad objectives are of 3 types which are Traffic, Awareness, and Conversions. Below Traffic, there is a Leads Generation option that lets you include a form in your ad. So choose Leads Generation.
Note that how big or small your business is, TikTok’s paid ads services will help you boost leads and sales. Using these ads, you can maximize your brand’s awareness. Also, you can choose to buy tiktok views for your content to make your brand go viral instantly. By doing so, your brand’s popularity will automatically increase.

6. Set a Budget and Name Your Campaign

The following step is to give a name to your campaign. The name can be within 512 characters in length. Then you may set up the TikTok ads budget for the lead generation ad. Select what you would like to set up a Lifetime or Daily budget for your lead generation campaign. You may also select No Limit for your campaign if you have no concerns about the budget.

7. Choose Your Ad Placement and Ad Group

Every lead generation campaign on TikTok may have up to 999 ad groups with their own name. After choosing your ad group, you can now select different placements for every ad. There are options to choose TikTok or choose available placements options in the advanced settings. Select TikTok. This will make sure your brand will appear in the in-feed on TikTok’s FYP. And then, turn on Automated Creative Optimization.

Winding Up

There are plenty of options available on TkTok to promote your videos and generate leads. Also, don’t forget to target your audience, set an ad group budget and schedule, choose your bidding strategy, create your lead ad, instant from, and then publish.
Always keep in mind that generating leads is never the end game. Your major motive should be to convert the leads into paying customers. Additionally, use the above tips to generate organic and paid leads on TikTok.