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Sugar Rush! How Sugar Consumption is Changing America

Sugar Rush! How Sugar Consumption is Changing America

We created a new infographic which illustrates how sugar consumption has been changing America. The fact of the matter is that Americans are eating too much sugar as a whole. For many people in the US, their diet has been getting steadily worse over the years. The average diet for an American has become too high in calories, and it does not contain enough of the nutrients and other essentials that we need to stay healthy. These diet trends have been having a disastrous effect on our population.

Obesity has become a serious issue in the US and that isn’t the only health concern. The number of cases of type 2 diabetes has also increased steadily in recent years. Now, it is a myth that eating too much sugar is a direct cause of diabetes. However, while sugar may not be a direct cause, a diet that is high in sugar can lead to obesity, which in turn can lead to increased risk of diabetes. Looking at these numbers, it becomes obvious that a serious change is needed. We obtained most of these statistics from the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

From Avail Clinical Research

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